Caution: If You Have These 8 Apps In Your Android Phone, Delete It Immediately!

The Android operating system is believed to be largely protected from malware. Google also works on the security of Android, despite this, information about malware in Android devices comes to the fore. In one such information, it has been learned that a malware named ‘Autolycos’ has been found in 8 apps present on Google Play Store. Without informing the users, this malware was giving them membership of premium service. It is worth noting that more than 30 lakh people have downloaded these 8 apps so far. All 8 apps affected by malware have been removed from the Play Store. If you are using these apps, then you need to take immediate action. Uninstall the app immediately. Don’t even download the APK file.

These are the apps affected by malware

  • Vlog Star Video Editor – It has got 1 million downloads.
  • Creative 3D Launcher – This too has got 1 million downloads.
  • Wow Beauty Camera – It has got 1 lakh downloads.
  • Gif Emoji Keyboard – This has also been downloaded 1 million times.
  • Razer Keyboard & Theme – 10K Downloads
  • FreeGlow Camera 1.0.0 – 5 thousand downloads found.
  • Coco Camera v1.1 – 1 thousand downloads found.
  • KellyTech Funny Camera – Downloaded 50k times

The Autolycos malware was discovered by security researcher Maxim Ingrao. It was originally reported from Bleeping Computer. All 8 apps in which this malware was detected have been removed from Playstore. Although it is said that Google took 6 months to do this.

Experts are saying that if you have downloaded any of these apps, then the app should be uninstalled immediately. The folder or file related to the app should also be removed and the phone should be restarted. Apart from this, do not use the links given in social media while downloading any app. It is said that these apps were promoted on social media and millions of users downloaded them.

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