Bilawal Bhutto sends positive message to India

news details accordingly from online news source Digital Desk: There has always been a cold war between India and Pakistan over Kashmir. But this time, the son of the late Pakistani Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto, the current Foreign Minister Bilawal Bhutto, has made positive comments about restoring diplomatic relations with India. In fact, he said, … Read more

Sentenced to 1 lakh 63 thousand fine including 6 months imprisonment. Sentenced to 1 lakh 63 thousand fine including 6 months imprisonment

news details accordingly from online news source After hearing in the case of check bounce in Kukshi court, the accused escaped from the court premises after hearing the sentence. The court had asked to deposit the amount as fine of Rs 1 lakh 63 thousand including simple imprisonment, but only after hearing the verdict, the … Read more

Another important step taken by the KP government after the reduction in POL expenditure of government departments

The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) government has decided to cut other government expenditure after cutting petrol concessions. In this regard, the Chief Minister KP has approved additional guidelines for maintenance and repair of vehicles, reduction of TA / DA and other government expenditure. After the approval of Chief Minister Mehmood Khan, additional guidelines have been issued … Read more

Attempt to smuggle drugs from Peshawar airport to Saudi Arabia failed, accused arrested

news details accordingly from online news source War photos Airport Security Force personnel raided Peshawar Airport and arrested a Saudi Arabian passenger and recovered about 3kg of ice heroin. According to the ASF spokesperson, the passenger Bilal Hussain Riaz had arrived at the Peshawar International Airport on his way to go. ASF officials expertly checked … Read more

“Iridium Rice Bulling. | PiPa News

In OmalureரிDiamSalem District Superintendent of Police Shri Abhinav told reporters that the money was swindled. about this Superintendent of Police Shri Abhinav That said, there have been reports of some people being involved in money laundering and iridium scams in the Omalur area for the past 2 months. Based on that, the private police carried … Read more

Chhindwara News: The last farewell to the sacrificial son with moist eyes, Rohna village will be known as Bharat Nagar

Chhindwara. Bharat Yaduvanshi, who sacrificed his life for the country, was cremated on Saturday with state honors at home village Shankarkheda. During this, the minister in-charge of the district, Kamal Patel, who came to bid farewell to the sacrificed son, announced that now the name of Rohna Gram Panchayat will be Bharat Nagar. A pond … Read more

Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev said that the goal of Save Soil and Green Challenge is the same

Sadhguru Sri Jaggi Vasudev suggested that the Telangana Greenery and Green India Challenge programs were an ideal for the country and that other states should embrace the competition. He said that when he entered Telangana as part of his world tour, he was attracted by the huge greenery. Sadguru Jaggi Vasadev believes that the use … Read more