Call Forward Another Number – How to transfer a call to another phone number

Call Forward Another Number – Dear friends, today we are going to tell you here how you can divert your phone calls to any other number.

As you all know that if someone is troubling you again and again or you want to pass your phone calls to someone else or someone else wants to pass his call to you. So in such a situation you call divert And whenever a third person calls on your number, his phone call will be directly diverted to that number which number you have entered in the divert list so if you also want to learn how to divert calls from all your phones If yes, then read the information given below

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call forward another number

Although it becomes very easy to divert calls, but some people find it very difficult to divert calls because the features of diverting calls were present inside the settings in those who used to run old mobiles, but now it is not so. To divert calls, you have to use the USSD code through which your calls are diverted, so let’s know how to divert calls from USSD code.

How to cancel all diverted calls at once

If someone has put a call divert from your mobile and you are not getting any calls then you can cancel all your call divert in that case just you have to apply this code mentioned here. ##002# and call from the SIM number whose number you want to delete the call divert, all your call diverts will be cancelled.

How to divert call ( call forward another number )

To set up call divert you have to first dial this USSD code from your mobile phone. 2 sim are inserted in smart phone.

So you have to keep in mind that if you want to divert the call of one number then you dial this code from one number and if you want to divert the call of another sim number then dial it from another sim number. *21*mob n.# Like you can understand it with this example *21*9795888888# And Press call Button |

And if you want to cancel this call divert then for that you have to dial this code #21# then your call divert will be cancelled.

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