Agnipath Yojana 2022 – Recruitment in Indian Armies will now be done through Agnipath Scheme

Agnipath Yojana 2022 – The new process of recruitment in the army by the government ( Agniveer Sena Bharti ) is being implemented. According to the information being told. that now Agniver Sena Bharti 2022 For this, some posts of the army will be recruited for 4 years and accordingly some changes have been made in the old army recruitment process.

So if you want to know That Agnipath Yojana 2022 What is it and what are the things taken care of in it. And what is its advantage and what are the benefits given by the government for this Agneepath recruitment. Information about all of them is going to be given here, as well as protests are being organized by the students here so that this new Agneepath recruitment process cannot be implemented, so let’s know about this Agneepath army recruitment process.

What’s in this post?

Agniveer Yojana 2022 Highlights

scheme nameAgniveer Scheme
Categoryarmy recruitment
The year2022
Departmentarmy department
Recruitment NameIndian Army Agniveer Sena Bharti
Age Range17.5-21 years
Agnipath Yojana 2022

What is Agnipath Yojana 2022?

This Agnipath Yojana 2022 Indian Army, Air Force, will also recruit 4 years for the posts of soldiers in the army and soldiers in the army and in the same way boats in the river and in addition, the air force which recruits airmen such recruitments now Under this scheme, the soldiers who will be recruited in all these will be named Agniveer and after 4 years out of these armies, 75% of the soldiers will be recruited and the remaining 25% Agni Veer for permanent appointment in the face. will be selected.

What are the main conditions of Agneepath scheme?

  • This Agnipath Yojana 2022 Only for soldiers.
  • This scheme will not be implemented on the senior posts of officers.
  • This scheme will be brought in place of open recruitment.
  • Like earlier, open recruitment was done for the posts like General Duty Clerk Store Keeper Tradesman Nursing Assistant.
  • As in the armies, officers were selected for 10 years by the Short Searching Commission and later they were extended to 14 years, no changes have been made in such process so far.

Army Recruitment Educational Qualification?

  • It is being told that the age of the candidates in army recruitment has been kept from 17.5 years to 21 years.
  • According to the information, the old rules will remain for Army and Navy recruitment and Air Force recruitment for all military level recruitments.
  • Soldier Recruitment for GD is 10th pass and apart from that 10th and 12th pass students will be given a chance in different categories.

New changes in army recruitment?

According to the information, it is being told that the Defense Minister has said in his talk that the objective has been set to make the Indian Army a better army than the army of all countries, for which a very big decision has been given by the cabinet related to security. | For which the government is going to launch a scheme named Agneepath, which will bring special changes in the recruitment process of our army and along with this the army will be improved in technology and health related level.

When will the recruitments come?

According to the information, it is being told that soon the recruitment of Agni Veer will be done, for which 46000 posts will be recruited in which 40000 Army posts and 3520 in Air Force and 2500 will be recruited in Navy. You can view the information by visiting the website.

What will be the salary of Agni Veerans?

According to the information, it is being told that in the first year, the next heroes will be given a salary of ₹ 30000 months and in the second year the salary of Agni heroes will be increased to ₹ 33000, while in the third year, ₹ 36500 will be given to the Agni heroes and in the fourth year. In the year, the salary of fire fighters will increase to ₹ 40000, but thirty percent of this money will be deducted under the service fund package.

What will happen to the Agni heroes after 4 years?

For such Agniveers who have joined the army for 4 years, they will be given priority in the state government and central government jobs, along with they will also be given priority in the CRPF and Assam Rifles recruitment process and it is being told that the state Such jawans will also be given a chance in the police recruitments in the government.

Agniveer Sena Bharti

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