Binance app still available on Google play though url is blocked in India

A majority of indian Binance users are using the Binance app on their smartphone.
Though the mainstream media has covered the blockage of Binance, Kucoin and other crypto exchanges extensively, they have not mentioned that only the url is blocked, for users accessing the exchanges using their browser.
Smartphone users can still download and install the app from Google play on 13 th January 2024

Tapestri balance suddenly reduces after Givvy music rewards are withdrawn

Though security agencies are hysterically making fake allegations without any proof, the smartphones are mainly purchased to test the different apps. in the google playstore. Tapestri was paying $0.01 daily for using the app.
Yet due to hacking the reviewer could not withdraw the balance and also change her details
The reviewer had also installed Givvy music and could withdraw the balance at $0.35. Yet showing the extent of hacking the Tapestri balance suddenly decreased by more than $0.30 and the amount was not credited to the account.
This shows why smartphones are not very reliable for financial transactions.

Paytm automatically installed on new Android phone

Due to the massive resume robbery, identity theft racket of top indian government employees who hate the domain investor, single woman engineer, almost no bank in india is willing to enable internet banking for the engineer
So the engineer has not installed any indian payment app, she is mainly using for watching videos, browsing websites on her smartphone, which is faster than the desktop
Yet showing the extent of the harassment the engineer faces, Paytm app was automatically installed on her smartphone remotely